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Force Push Pull Gauge

Force Push Pull Gauge

We are one of the topmost Manufacturers and Suppliers of Force Push Pull Gauge. Kalpak micro controller based Force Push Pull Gauge is cost effective, portable and handy equipment. The Force Push Pull Gauge offers excellent accuracy and linearity and is available in hand held or stand mounted and motorized versions. Two models KFG-01 and KFG-02 cover range from 1 to 50 Kg force. Kalpak Force Push Pull Gauge use Load Cell to accurately sense the Push/Pull Force on specimen under test and display it on easy to read LCD Display in selectable unit of measurement like Lbs, Kg, Newton or grams. Kalpak Force Push Pull Gauge can be used in remote locations due to its lightweight and Battery operation. It has inbuilt memory as well as optional PC and Printer Connectivity so that stored data can be dumped in the PC for further analysis.

A wide range accessories such as Stands with rotating wheel/ Rack and Pinion type arrangement, Hooks for Tensile tests, Compression Plates, RS232 PC interface, Printer Interface as well as Length Indicator can enhance the capabilities of Kalpak Force Gauges.


Size 2inch, 4inch, 6inch, 8inch
Material Steel
Diameter 20-40mm, 40-60mm, 60-80mm, 80-100mm
Application Liquid Pressure, Measuring Gas
Display Type Digital
Pressure 0-5000psi, 10000-15000psi, 15000-20000psi, 5000-10000psi
Features Accuracy, Easy To Fit, Measure Fast Reading, Perfect Strength, Robust Construction