Kalpak Instruments and Controls

Spring Testers

We offer a range of Spring Tester equipments which include :
  • Automatic Spring Tester
  • Computerized Spring Tester
  • Manual Spring Tester
  • Torsion Spring Tester

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Automatic Spring Tester

Kalpak Automatic Spring Tester is ideal for online and offline Testing of springs. It can be operated in manual as well as automatic Mode.

Kalpak Automatic Spring Tester offers superior accuracy and resolution for both length and load measurement making it ideal for precision Spring Testing. It is essential Test Equipment for


Computerized Spring Tester

Kalpak Computerized Spring Tester is a state-of-the-Art Spring Testing system providing Computerized Machine Control, Data Acquisition and analysis capabilities. It comes in 4 model :

  • STM-01 : 1 Kg
  • STM-25 : 25 Kg
  • STM-300 : 300 Kg
  • STM-1000 : 1000 Kg

Manual Spring Tester

Kalpak Manual Testing Tester comprises of a mechanical force exerting jig & a controller that offers a an accurate method to test the specimen for force in Kg against the deflection (distance traveled) in mm. The length measurement is done by rotating hand wheel to give the resolution of at least 0.1mm.

Kalpak Manual Spring


Torsion Spring Tester

We offer range of Torsion Spring Testers. The Torsion Spring Tester is available in range of Automatic Torsion Spring Tester, Computerized Torsion Spring Tester, Manual Torsion Spring Tester and Motorized Torsion Spring Tester.

Range : Range � 1 NM to 2000 NM