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Uniaxial Compression Tester

Kalpak Uniaxial Compression Tester. is useful for making studies involving load versus displacement measurement on applications such as :

  • Road Testing: like California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Test, Marshall Stability Test, Unconfined Compression Test
    2.Soil and Concrete Testing (like Quick Triaxial Test,Flexural Strength of Soil Cement Specifications, Puching Test on Clay Block, Rock and Building Stone Testing, Concrete Mortar, Tile Testing, Asphalt Bituminous Material Testing.


Load Frame Two column type with variable speed motorized type
Capacity available in 3 ranges 50 kn, 100 kn, 200 kn
Horizontal Test Span suitable for samples upto 375 mm length
Vertical span max. 800 mm
RamTravel 100 Mm with Overtravel Limit Switches in Built
Drive Stepper motor with dedicated drive
Speed Range 0.001 to 9.999 MM/min
Sensor suitable load cell for force measurement, linear TRANSDUCER FOR displacement
max. 100 mm
Display S4 digit 12 mm LED for Load, Displacement & Speed
Resolution 0.01 kn for load, 0.1 mm for displacement, 0.001 mm/min for speed setting
Controls zero & span SETTING POTENTIOMETERS for all the parameters
Output Rs 232 Compatible Serial Interface for Pc Communication 1C/O Relay Output On Overload Sensing
Safety Overtravel Limit Switches Provided , Overload Indicated By Audio alarm & 1 C/O Relay Output
Supply 230 vac +/- 10%, 1 phase, 500 VA
Size overall size: 500(w) x 500 (D) x 1250 (H) mm
Weight 100 kg net.accessories extra