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Computerized Servo Hydraulic Compression Testing Machines

Kalpak Computerized Servo Hydraulic Compression Testing Machines are designed for testing the compression strength of cement, concrete, rocks, brick.


Load Frame Free Standing complete with Hydraulic Power pack, Servo Valve, Servo Cylinder, Two pillar construction with bottom plate mounting of actuator, Load Cell mounted on the upper Platen, Moving platen coupled to the servo actuator piston
Load Capacity available in 5 KN/10 KN/25KN/50 KN/100 KN / 250 KN
Dynamic rating 210 Bar supply allowing Dp 70 Bar across the servo valve
Actuator Stroke 50mm/100 mm/250mm
Load Cell Suitable range Fatigue type
Load Resolution At least 1 in 10000 parts
Load Accuracy +/- 0.5% of Reading
Length Sensor Linear sensor for actuator travel
Length Resolution 0.01 mm
Length Accuracy +/- 0.05 mm
Servo Valve As per requirement
Actuator Hydraulic with Servo valve and Servo Cylinder Double Acting Type
Controller Kalpak make proprietary
Hydraulic Power Pack Capacity Options: 8,20,35 Liters per minute
Fixed/ Variable delivery options
Submerged pump for quiet and noiseless operation
PLC controlled
Visual Indication for Filter Block, Low oil Level, High Oil Level, High Oil temperature, Pump Start, Pump Stop and Emergency Stop Button
Off line cooling and filtration system
Maximum Daylight 600 mm From top of bottom plate to bottom of platen
Column Spacing Max. up to 500 mm
Column length 1000 mm (Different column lengths available on request.)
Operating/Test Modes. Tensile/ Compression static as well as fatigue