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Food Texture Testers

We manufacture and supply Food Texture Testers for Food, Food packaging, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics texture testing. Kalpak Food Texture Testers are designed for growing testing needs of Indian Food Processing and packaging as well as Pharma and Cosmetic industries. The Food Texture Testers offer an objective testing system providing accurate and repeatable test results and analysis. Various Departments in any food processing company like Production, Research and Development, Quality Assurance, can use Kalpak Food Texture Testers to maintain objective standards for their products as well as ingredients and packing materials.

  • Food : Bakery and Cereals, Confectionaries, Dairy, Fruits and vegetables, Gels, Food ingredients, Pasta and Noodles, Pet Foods, Snack Foods,
  • Food Packaging Testing
  • Adhesives Testing
  • Pharmaceuticals Testing
  • Cosmetics Testing

Kalpak Texture Testers are Micro Controller based systems and offer user-friendly texture test system designed and manufactured to provide long-term reliability and accuracy. The test results can be viewed, stored as well as analyzed on PC using Kalpakâs Kalpak Texture Test Software and further related to product attributes desired by the user such as freshness, Crispness and interpreted by the industry specialists.

Customized Accessories offered include Chip fixture, Ball Probes, Cone probes, Cylinder Probes, Compression Plates, Knife blades, Kramer Shear Cell, Forward and Back extrusion rigs, Self tightening Grips, Peel, Fixtures, Sled Fixtures, Three Point bend Rig.


Range Up to 100 Kg force measurement
Choice of Models 4 Models with capacities of 5kg, 20 Kg, 50Kg, 100Kg
Versions Fully Computerised/ Electronic with PC Compatibility
Main Operating Test Modes Tensile/Compression
Optional Operating Modes Peel, Flexure, Shear, puncture, bend etc as per application
Group Testing Enables User to program for 10 different types and select the group as per product type under test
Safety Emergency Stop, Over Travel Protection, Overload Protection
Display Type 20x4 character LCD Display
Parameters Displayed Simultaneous Display of Force, Test Speed, Distance
Data Output Ports RS 232 for PC communication, Parallel port for Printer